Evidence of structural diagnosis

Date: August 2009


In the process leading to improved seismic school Gandhi Institute of Casoria (Na) has been prepared by the relevant provincial technical offices a campaign of surveys and structural surveys, which have affected the whole beams, columns and slabs according to a evidence of operational program is invasive, and which non-destructive, and that has provided, in particular, the execution of a school building structural relief, No. 10 core drilling in concrete for the taking of samples to be tested of carbonation and subsequent uniaxial compression tests, No. 10 trials combined non-destructive type SonReb (tests with the hammer + ultrasonic investigation), No. 2 load tests on floor, No. 10 pacometriche tests for the detection of the number, distribution, dimensional characteristics of the reinforcement rods, as well as for the verification of the cover thickness, n ° 10 levies of reinforcing bars, to be subjected to tensile, bending and yield strength.


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Reports of non-destructive testing SonReb