rettangolo_nero Environmental geology and soil conservation

The enactment of D.M. No. 471/1999, the following Legislative Decree 152/2006 and the latest D.M. No. 161/2012 normante discipline for the "land management and rocks excavated" has contributed in a significant affirmation of the most modern techniques of analysis, environmental monitoring and remediation for the recovery of contaminated sites, or for the management of materials resulting from excavation activities, representing today one of the main applications of soil tests for environmental purposes.
This action area is associated with the traditional activities of environmental protection, due to the high risks associated with disasters more frequent on our territory (volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, landslides, etc.) and/or incorrect planning. Among these activities, geostrutturali and geomechanical surveys, both in underground wall, are adequate for the purposes of the fundamental design of defence works and stabilization of slopes and/or unstable cavity.

cerchio_arancio_01 Environmental surveys and characterization of contaminated sites, pursuant to Legislative Decree 152/2006 and D.M. 161/2012;
cerchio_arancio_01 Sampling and analysis of pollutants (land, gas, waste, leachate and surface water and groundwater) in the subsoil and/or groundwater in Brownfields or active, landfills, quarries and contaminated sites;
cerchio_arancio_01 Airlift operation for the regeneration of piezometers clogged;
cerchio_arancio_01 Bleeding the pump by means of piezometers
cerchio_arancio_01 Dynamic sampling of monitoring wells with a pump;
cerchio_arancio_01 Static sampling piezometers using bailer;
cerchio_arancio_01 Geotechnical monitoring installations and installations in boreholes (piezometers, inclinometers, settlement gauges, etc.);
cerchio_arancio_01 Video inspection of boreholes and wells;
cerchio_arancio_01 Stability testing;
cerchio_arancio_01 Geostrutturali and geomechanical surveys, surface and underground (Rocky slopes, caves, tunnels and underground environments);
cerchio_arancio_01 Research, identification and mapping of underground utilities;
cerchio_arancio_01 Survey of the conservation status of underground utilities and video exploration.

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