rettangolo_nero Structural and environmental monitoring


In many urban areas with high geological vulnerability, the engineering works and underground infrastructures may result in instability, sometimes very serious ones, to buildings and/or existing artifacts to the surface. It is therefore essential to accompany the construction of such infrastructures with structural monitoring activity that prevents any damage or, simply, potentially dangerous phenomena for the existing building patrimony.

GEOTEC designs and manufactures structural monitoring systems and geotechnical, using the most modern techniques that today's technology can offer, chosen according to the quantities to be detected and the specific objectives of the controls.

In particular, through the wide range of monitoring instruments and equipment of last generation, the company produces integrated systems for monitoring of landslides of buildings and structures in General, or for monitoring and surveillance of the structural behaviour of works under construction (structural monitoring during construction), both with direct relief, periodicals, which continuously and remote control. In the latter case, these systems allow the constant observation of any deformation induced by work and the subsequent risk assessment, even for the purposes of the design and testing post operam solvers interventions.

cerchio_arancio_01 Monitoring of injury, cracks and discontinuities typically deformometrico or control system of continuous data acquisition.
cerchio_arancio_01 Control of displacements and rotations through crackmeters, gauges and sensors, with metric measures incline periodically or continuously tracked data.
cerchio_arancio_01 Integrated systems for the detection of subsidence by controlling the induced deformations (with deformometri, electric crackmeters) and topographic levels drawdown of high precision.
cerchio_arancio_01 Inclinometer monitors continuously and remotely by vertical structures (towers, tanks, towers, etc.).
cerchio_arancio_01 Monitoring landslides and containment works (diaphragms, bulkheads, Berliners) with borehole inclinometer system.
cerchio_arancio_01 Measurement and vibration monitoring with three way speedometer checks and continuous data acquisition remote control.
cerchio_arancio_01 Sound level measurements.
cerchio_arancio_01 Survey and monitoring of environmental parameters (air quality, atmospheric emissions, water turbidity, etc.).
cerchio_arancio_01 In-channel measurement and sampling (flow, speed, temperature, etc.).

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