rettangolo_nero Geophysics

The enactment of Ministerial Decree No. 471/99 and the subsequent legislative decree 152/2006 has contributed significantly to the most modern analytical techniques, environmental monitoring and remediation for contaminated sites, representing today one of the main applications of geognostic surveys for environmental purposes.
This action area is associated with the traditional activities of environmental protection, due to the high risks associated with disasters more frequent on our territory (volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, landslides, etc.) and/or incorrect planning. Among these activities, geostrutturali and geomechanical surveys, both in underground wall, are adequate for the purposes of the fundamental design of defence works and stabilization of slopes and/or unstable cavity.

cerchio_arancio_01 Geoelectrics;
cerchio_arancio_01 Refraction seismics;
cerchio_arancio_01 Geophysical prospecting "M.A.S.W.";
cerchio_arancio_01 Seismic tomography with "tomo kit" for structural investigations noninvasive;
cerchio_arancio_01 Georadar survey (Ground Probing Radar);
cerchio_arancio_01 magnetometric surveys;
cerchio_arancio_01 Seismic tomography and 2D and 3D electrical;
cerchio_arancio_01 Seismic tests in type down-hole hole and cross-hole;
cerchio_arancio_01 Cross-hole seismic tomography;
cerchio_arancio_01 Passive seismic investigations with method of micro-earthquakes or "Refraction Microtremor" ("Oars").

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