rettangolo_nero Hydrogeology

The changing needs of a constantly developing company have dramatically highlighted the need not only for research and exploitation of water resources, but above all the protection and effective management and rational known underground aquifers, respecting the natural balance.

cerchio_arancio_01 Studies and consultations of applied hydrogeology;
cerchio_arancio_01 Surge monitoring;
cerchio_arancio_01 Groundwater sampling;
cerchio_arancio_01 Hydrogeochemical monitoring;
cerchio_arancio_01 Research and uptake of groundwater;
cerchio_arancio_01 Services and studies on the vulnerability and the protection of groundwater against pollution;
cerchio_arancio_01 Restoration of groundwater quality;
cerchio_arancio_01 Pumping tests at constant and variable scope;
cerchio_arancio_01 Proof in hole LeFranc permeability
cerchio_arancio_01 Permeability test in Lugeon hole;
cerchio_arancio_01 Assessment and recovery efficiency of intake structures;
cerchio_arancio_01 The sludge with techniques of "superpompaggio" and "alternate" pumping;
cerchio_arancio_01 Design and realization of works of uptake (wells, pumping stations and complex works, etc.).

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