rettangolo_nero Structural surveys and diagnostic tests

diagnostica_02Non-destructive tests and destructive tests in recent years have taken on greater importance for the diagnosis and control of buildings, even under the new regulations (technical standards for constructions and Ordinance No. 3274 P.C.M e s.m.i.).
The widespread degradation and collapse of many urban areas denoted in recent years on reinforced concrete structures and masonry requires specific know-how regarding materials controls in opera. The ability to assess the reliability of public and private structures, reinforced concrete or masonry, which is closely linked to in situ parameters estimation using non-destructive techniques and destructive.
GEOTEC s.r.l provides design services and construction of structural tests and laboratory site, aimed at the implementation or the conservation of the architectural heritage and existing infrastructure. Such tests, thanks to the use of increasingly sophisticated equipment and innovative, let you capture a range of data and parameters necessary for the formulation of an opinion on the State of security and eventual deterioration of a building structure.

cerchio_arancio_01 Non-destructive testing (concrete hammer tests, pacometriche, ultrasonic investigation, combined SONREB tests, Pull-out tests).
cerchio_arancio_01 Diagnosis of masonry structures: State of stress measurement with single flat Jack tests, determining the characteristics of the wall facing with tests with double flat, Jack wall, video inspections stratigrafie.
cerchio_arancio_01 Diagnosis of concrete structures: non-destructive testing for the indirect measurement of stress, drawing parameters of concrete cores, relief of armor and stress state in site (strain gage).
cerchio_arancio_01 Load tests on structural elements (floors, ladders and swings) and pilings.
cerchio_arancio_01 Drilling in masonry and structural elements and laboratory tests.
cerchio_arancio_01 Direct essays and withdrawal of reinforcement bars.
cerchio_arancio_01 Determination of carbonation depth by treatment with phenolphthalein on concrete carrots.
cerchio_arancio_01 Investigations with endoscope in holes previously made.
cerchio_arancio_01 Seismic tomography for structural investigations noninvasive.
cerchio_arancio_01 Determination of thickness using ultrasonic pulses ( "spessimetrico" method).
cerchio_arancio_01 Determination of the tensile strength of steel by means of microhardness Vickers.

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