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When passion translates into competence, technology in solutions, and the Organization corporate developmentall this is GEOTEC S.r.l., an entrepreneurial project born in 2002, from its founder's personal capacity and excellent staff that knew how to seize the opportunities offered by the internal market in the field of construction and land management could offer in an increasingly competitive system. Company agile, yet well structured, after more than 12 years in business now represents a clear GEOTEC benchmark in landscape, both geological characterization of sites, that preparatory to design reliefs and diagnosis tests on existing structures.

Thanks to those who have taken advantage of its technical services, today the company is able to offer geognostic investigations and aim at maximum structural effectiveness of proposed measures, the latter supported by the high quality of the experimental data collected. The "existing facilities", understood as the set of real estate and architectural heritage present in Italy, are always one of the main fields of company's activity, that proposes solutions for the diagnosis of construction materials, static and dynamic monitoring and/or preparatory to structural modeling, always in step with the latest technologies.


Geognostic and environmental surveys, Structural and environmental monitoring, Evidence of structural diagnosis, Basic relief and topography, Special foundations and consolidation